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Featured Hemp Products

Choose from our wide variety of quality products.

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Featured Hemp Products

Choose from our wide variety of quality products.

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Why Hemp

Modern technologies have discovered a multitude of uses for the versatile super plant

Hemp is a Super Plant

Hemp crops yield ten tons per acre annually. Cannabis sativa grows in a variety of climates and soils. Hemp thrives in China, Canada, South America, and Sweden. Differing from other plants, the eco-friendly crop does not deplete the soil’s nutrients. Hemp’s long roots prevent soil erosion. Its pest resistant capabilities eliminate the need for toxic chemical insecticides. Cannabis requires little water for growth.  These qualities make hemp an easy and low cost crop to cultivate.

Industries have found uses for the sturdy, multi-purpose Cannabis. Fibers become cement, wood, and biodegradable plastics. Builders construct buildings with hemp bricks, plumbing, insulation, panels, walls and roofs. Hemp paint decorates the walls, while hemp curtains adorn the windows. The textile industry fashions the fibers into clothes, yarn, jewelry, purses, and shoes. In addition, companies have developed processes to transform hemp fibers into snowboards and musical instruments.

Hemp is Super Versatile

Hemp-and-sisal cellulose comes from the hurd and is used for producing biodegradable plastics and fiberglass. Presently, manufacturers utilize petroleum to process plastics. Henry Ford manufactured a car utilizing hemp resin and claimed its strength superior to steel counterparts. He extracted ethanol for fuel. In 2002, automobile factories resumed using hemp for door panels, ceilings, dashboards, and trunks. Today hemp offers two low cost eco-friendly substitutes to gasoline. Hemp biodiesel is extracted from the seed, while hemp ethanol comes from the fermented stalk.

Hemp is a Super Food

Hemp contains all nutrients necessary for sustenance. Consumers purchase hemp in the forms of liquid milk, protein powder, and whole seeds. Cannabis seeds provide all essential proteins, even more than milk, eggs and meat. They possess more EFA (Omega-3 and Omega-6) than fish. Each seed consists of 35% fiber. Lowered cholesterol, increased immunity, improved organ function, and reduced arthritis inflammation comprise some of hemp’s health benefits.