Hemp Flower

Lyf Styl Organix offers a wide variety of the best selection of top-shelf Hemp,CBD and CBG flower. 

Our hemp flower is high in CBD and CBG and very low in THC. Our hemp flower will NOT get you high or intoxicated. No matter how you like to smoke your legal weed, LSO has you covered. With headquarters in Las Vegas, NV, we can ship practically anywhere. Try some of our legal Hemp,CBD and CBG flower today!

Can you smoke hemp flower?

Yes! flower is cannabis in its most pure form. Just like cannabis that is high in THC, smoking flower that is high in CBD or CBG is an effective way of receiving the plant’s benefits.

Wondering how to store hemp flower?

You do not need to store the flower in your refrigerator like we recommend with some CBD concentrates, but we do recommend storing your hemp buds in a mason jar or another air-tight container to ensure they stay fresh for ultimate enjoyment and effectiveness. CBD buds smell and taste best when they are kept fresh. Over time, if you allow your flower to sit out in the open air, they can become stale and lose some of the aroma and flavor that the terpenes in the hemp plant carry along with them.

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